Celebrating the little wins

family outing to HD

This. All of this. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision having a family before 30. And I love it. Big J, Little J, you bring so much joy to our lives. I am convinced that the sun and the moon rise and set with you.

Today upon picking you up from school, your teachers mentioned that you both had wonderful days. I even got a note from Teacher R on purple construction paper that read, [Big] J had an AWESOME day! He helped rub kids’ backs during nap time, was kind to others, and read books to the younger kids. I want to celebrate every step toward progress that you make while boosting your self esteem so we celebrated with Starbucks frappuccinos (I had an iced americano), and cheers-ed each other in the drive thru before heading off to show houses to our newest client. You’re the best little real estate agents!

After showing homes to our client, we went out to dinner with Mauricio to celebrate you (you’ve both had a great week) – at a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that you enjoy. Big J calls it his favorite rice and bean place, which we think is hilarious. And now everyone is calling it that. Afterwards we picked up the puppy and headed to Home Depot, which as of this month happens to be your favorite store – we got really lucky with that one since we are in the middle of a full house remodel and practically live at Home Depot.

Anyways, this snapshot above is glimpse into our crazy-wonderful-chaotic-hilarious life. Love you,


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