Fix You

Little J, Big J, I just found out that a friend of mine from elementary school and junior high committed suicide. It’s devastating. I should be looking at photos of a wedding, work achievements, travel, goofing off with friends, a couple of awkward selfies, photos of family, etc… not an obituary.

It’s important to me that you never wonder your worth. Always know that you are loved.

You are valuable. You bring so much to this world. Don’t for one second buy into the lie that you are not enough or that this world or your family or your friends or your peers would be better off without you. You are exactly what this world needs. All of you. Everyday. No matter how messy life gets, no matter how bad you think you may have messed up, no matter how scared or hurt or angry or sad or betrayed or whatever you feel, keep on swimming. YOU MATTER. I know life can be exhausting; I’ve been there. Just keep on keepin’ on. It won’t always be this hard. Trust me. Please, ask for help. You don’t have to go down this road alone. You are worth more than gold. Your future is bright. You are loved and this will pass.

Let me be there for you if you ever find yourself wondering. If you ever find yourself broken. I will fix you.

Love you,


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