Big J at the Principal’s Office

Incident Slip 9 11 17

Big J – You are the sweetest, kindest, most sincere little boy so it surprises me to hear that you struggled like this today. I knew there would be conversations about you pushing boundaries with your new found freedom as a big kid. And, I knew that a trip to the principal’s office would be inevitable… after all, we signed up for this. I just didn’t think that it would happen on Day 4 of Kindergarten. Seriously?!?!

We probably need to take a parenting class so we can learn how to best help you in these types of situations. The idea of adding another class / time commitment to our already insane lives makes me feel a little sick. Right now your 5 year old self is sitting at a desk with me in our home office, working on your Costco Kindergarten workbook. I’m enjoying this time with you to chat one-on-one and to just be next to you.

“I lost my happiness,” you said as you described the incident in detail to me. Sounds like it was a hard day. I know the feeling. Transitions are hard. Monday’s are hard. Life is sometimes hard. Tomorrow is a new opportunity, a fresh slate – just keep on keepin’ on. There is a village that loves you more than you’ll ever know.

Class of 2030


Tomorrow, September 6th  (this was published until the day of kindergarten) is your first day of kindergarten, Big J. You’re excited for this new beginning. We’ve met your new teacher and played together with the toys and the pretend kitchen and the sea animal figures in your new classroom. We know that your teacher doesn’t assign seats so you’ll have many opportunities to move around the classroom and make new friends, and sit on pillows or chairs or crates; whatever you decide. We are especially excited that each student in your class will get a Microsoft Surface Tablet to learn on. WOW!

We have been trying so hard with the school district to keep you at the school where you attended pre-school (Head Start) these past 2 years. This is a school that you are familiar with; you feel safe there, recognize the teachers and you know the footprint of the school. Secondly, this is the school where your little brother, who you’ve spent just about every day with since he was born, will attend. It seems cruel that the school district wouldn’t understand. Despite having been the very first parent to submit a transfer waiver to the district back in February, and despite all of our letters from social worker, CASA, our therapist, people who know important it is to keep you and Little J together, we have been waitlisted by the district for that school and it’s looking like we are not getting in. They made a bad call and it’s not fair. We’ve taken this and made it a teachable moment on authority. It’s really important to me that you and your brother respect authority – your teachers, teacher aides, coaches, youth group leaders, principals, employers, law enforcement,… your president, etc… We respect authority even when we feel that they are wrong, and that they made a bad call. We follow and make the best of it.

I’m so proud of you. You have had such a positive, open mind about this new school. And brother will join you next year. I’m excited for you, my little dove, to explore the world, learn new and exciting things, take risks and share with others the kind, sweet, hilarious personality you possess. You ARE AMAZING!

I pray we get to be the parents looking up at you as you receive that high school diploma in 2030.