Hi! I’m Nikki. One night in November of 2016, I was approached by a family friend who knew of two sweet, hilarious, wonderful little boys that were displaced, going into foster care, and needing a family to love them. It had never before occurred to me to pursue being a foster parent. Kids were the very last thing on my mind… but God had other plans. My incredible, gracious and loving partner, Mauricio, was IN – no questions asked (he’s such a good man!). Big J, age 5, and Little J, age 3, are now in our care as we pursue adoption. And it’s been the greatest adventure of our lives!

Having never been a parent before, I’m learning just as much as these two incredible boys. As we grow together this blog serves as a place for us to document these moments, both little and big, so that their story is known, encourage others to foster, and provide an inside view at the messy wonderful life of being a foster parent.

Here’s something to think about –

  • There are currently more than 400,000 kids in foster care across the US.
  • 55% of foster kids are placed in 3 or more homes while in foster care.
  • 33% of foster kids will change their schools 5 or more times while in foster care.
  • Children enter foster care for a number of reasons, including neglect, abuse, or abandonment from their parents or guardians.