Big J at the Principal’s Office

Incident Slip 9 11 17

Big J – You are the sweetest, kindest, most sincere little boy so it surprises me to hear that you struggled like this today. I knew there would be conversations about you pushing boundaries with your new found freedom as a big kid. And, I knew that a trip to the principal’s office would be inevitable… after all, we signed up for this. I just didn’t think that it would happen on Day 4 of Kindergarten. Seriously?!?!

We probably need to take a parenting class so we can learn how to best help you in these types of situations. The idea of adding another class / time commitment to our already insane lives makes me feel a little sick. Right now your 5 year old self is sitting at a desk with me in our home office, working on your Costco Kindergarten workbook. I’m enjoying this time with you to chat one-on-one and to just be next to you.

“I lost my happiness,” you said as you described the incident in detail to me. Sounds like it was a hard day. I know the feeling. Transitions are hard. Monday’s are hard. Life is sometimes hard. Tomorrow is a new opportunity, a fresh slate – just keep on keepin’ on. There is a village that loves you more than you’ll ever know.

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