Oh to be young again


Big J, Little J,

These are the moments I will miss when I’m old and you’ve flown the coop. The joyful laughter, giggles and squeals as you run through the sprinklers on an 84 degree day (we get like 4 of these in Seattle…). Not a care in the world. Bliss. This was a good reminder for me to relax a little and not take life so seriously. Put the phone down. Close the iPad. If that client’s deal is meant to be, it’ll be. There’s nothing that needs your immediate attention in this moment, so don’t miss it. 

We have a home visit early tomorrow morning with our social worker; our 3rd social worker in the 6 months we’ve had you. It’s not you, it’s their job. The job of a social worker is intense and requires that they see and handle some extremely difficult situations, while carrying an impossible caseload. There’s a high burn out rate. I should be picking up the 52 pairs of shoes scattered through the house or folding the 12 loads of laundry waiting for me. But I’m not motivated to do either- partly due to the hellish work life balance of today and partly due to the fact that I know this lady walks through 40+ homes a month and there’s gotta be a hoarder in there somewhere to make me look good. (Please God, please let there be a hoarder or two on this lady’s caseload so that my house doesn’t look so bad. I’m so tired.)

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